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Hey there!

I'm one of the thousands of Victors born in the '90s.

So, to make it more exclusive, you can call me Capato.

I've been a writer for 10 years, but I used to be an illustrator, art director, and community manager.


In short: a natural-born curious person.

I'm into crazy stories, all kinds of music, and sketchy dive bars.

Let's chat!


• / São Paulo
• Africa DDB / São Paulo
• Ginga / São Paulo

• Tipo / Cuiabá
• Renca / Cuiabá
• Engaje / Cuiabá



El Ojo de Iberoamerica
1x Bronze - A.I'm Lovin' It (2023)
2x Shortlist - A.I'm Lovin' It (2023)

Clube de Criação São Paulo

1x Shortlist - A.I'm Lovin' It (2023)
2x Bronze - Instagram Yours to Make (2022)
2x Shortlist - Inst
agram Yours to Make (2022)

Profissionais do Ano - Globo

Campaign - Méqui Te Pega (2023)

B9 - GrandPrix 2023

Top 5 - A.I'm Lovin' It

YouTube Works
1xShortlist - Sadia Mac'n'Cheese

MMA Smarties Latam
1x Gold
1x Silver
2x Bronze

5x Shortlists

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